MTL Develops New System of Work in a World First

FPSO and marine integrity management specialists, Marine Technical Limits (MTL) has designed and developed a software platform which will significantly change the way inspection work is carried out and recorded.

MTL, which is based in Kintore, Aberdeenshire, has developed a solution within its PYXIS software system which digitally defines inspection workplans allowing tablet based inspection data recording.

Historically, inspectors have used scaffold structures or rope access techniques to look at difficult to reach locations before using digital cameras to take pictures. These images would then need to be laboriously sorted through and added into inspection reports in a process that often meant long delays to important information be made available for review.

Using the PYXIS software platform, inspection data and photographs are captured using cameras directly connected to an ATEX zone rated tablet and stored in the context of the inspection task. This minimises the double handling of data, and substantially eliminates the need for out of tank reporting. More recently, MTL have integrated PYXIS hardware with the live feeds from UAV’s and ROV’s to allow direct capture of high quality videos and images to the inspection tablet, which are again stored in the context of the inspection task.

Upon completion of the inspection, data collected to the tablet is synchronised with the PYXIS cloud hosted database so that all information is readily available for review by the MTL Naval Architects and/or Client Technical Authority for assessment via the PYXIS web portal.

The move towards near real time reporting of information is allowing more focussed and accurate inspection of critical structures and is significantly reducing the in tank inspection durations and subsequent reporting effort and times delivering improved safety and reducing OPEX.

Calum MacLean, Projects Director for MTL, said : “Our specialist use Pyxis to produce and deliver the highest quality plans and processes for our inspections. Where we stand out above the rest is in our planning procedures and in the intuitive software we have developed.

“With its catalogue of historic inspections, its ability to list repair work based on need and urgency, and its intricate 3D digital twin, of specific hull structures – PYXIS is an intelligent software system that can change the way organisations work and maintain their FPSOs and FSUs. “

MTL is a specialist FPSO integrity and repair management company, providing structural integrity management, on-station FPSO repair, naval architectural and equipment solutions. MTL’s unique approach to delivering safety, value and quality is founded upon a deep understanding of the specific needs of FPSO operators and the motivation to find the best solution for their clients.