Digital structural integrity management system for FPSOs

Marine Technical Limits’ team of specialists has developed the PYXIS platform, a hull structural integrity management system for FPSOs. 

The technically advanced digitisation is provided to our clients through our extensive integrity management and on-station repair service offerings.

The system delivers a fully digital, end-to-end FPSO integrity system for managing assets. PYXIS is used by management, operations, engineering and inspection teams to govern integrity efficiently and effectively. Designed and built by engineers with more then 15 years’ of expert FPSO experience, the mature product suite comprises four specialist products including the creation of a FPSO digital twin.

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Capture and store information creating a “digital twin” of the FP(S)O hull.



From inspection planning and execution through to repair definition and close out .



Clear line of sight to hull inspection status and dynamic management of inspection scopes.



Securely hosted in the cloud and accessible to all stakeholders, PYXIS is available on  multiple devices – a single source of truth.

Minimising inspection and OPEX costs of aging FPSO’s is difficult. FPSO’s are relatively new facilities with a limited number operating in late-life or life-extension conditions. Frequently, management teams experience the challenges of late life for the first time in their careers.

During early to mid-life, when the probability of defects is low, hull integrity can be managed effectively through a reliance on class and undertaking minimal inspection. Due to the relatively high cost of inspection and low-risk of defects, stakeholders often associate a low cost-value benefit with the hull structure. This, however, can cause significant problems in the later life of an asset.

As an asset nears its expected life, the inspection data, defects identified, and risks to integrity increase exponentially. All too frequently, issues arise without warning. This results in reactive maintenance or downtime at significant cost to the operator.

Marine Technical Limits have unrivalled experience of managing FPSO’s in late life and life extension. We have saved our clients tens of millions through effective management of hull structural integrity. The PYXIS platform underpins our industry leading practices and supports our clients by providing certainty, visibility and clarity for all stakeholders.

Anomaly management is concerned with the identification, reporting, analysis and monitoring of defects. Depending upon the risk to integrity, anomalies are either monitored for degradation or repaired.

Successful anomaly management is at the core of an effective integrity management strategy. Failure to understand the severity and consequence of defects can lead to unnecessary inefficiencies, escalating costs and unexpected downtime. 

Marine Technical Limits provide clients with tools and services to manage anomalies with optimal performance. Driven by our extensive experience, PYXIS provides detailed information for all stakeholders and communicates a clear understanding of integrity threats across an asset.

Inspection involves the planning, specifying, collection and reporting of structure to validate integrity assumptions and identify abnormalities. Failure to adopt robust inspection practices significantly reduces efficiency and increases risk.

Marine Technical Limits implement and orchestrate class leading inspection processes that drive efficiency and cost savings for our clients. MTL have been supervising teams of 2 to 30 people working in FPSO tanks almost continuously since 2007. To drive continued improvements and visibility to our clients, our methodology is now fully digitised through our PYXIS platform.

MTL offer a complete and integrated service to deliver on-station structural repairs while your asset remains in production. We have a proven track record in managing hotwork on deck, in tanks and other confined spaces – including boundary hotwork and hotwork on the side and bottom shell.

Front end planning, proven methodology and robust systems are key to the success of our projects. PYXIS underpins our complete offering and allows us to deliver with consistent success. MTL’s projects have always, and continue to be, delivered safely, efficiently, on-time and on-budget.

Much overlooked requirement particularly with FPSO’s. Regulatory requirements can cause disruption if limits exceeded. Location. Lightship weight – unmovable (fixed) weight of vessel. Monitoring of weight to ensure lightship does not exceed 2%

Virtual reality and 3D visualisation allow complex scenarios to be communicated quickly and easily to a wide range of stakeholders. Studies have proven that adopters of VR benefit from higher retention rates, improved understanding and reduced training times.

Marine Technical Limits have significant experience of building highly realistic training environments and simulations. We have worked with 3D CAD visualisation since x and have been actively developing VR solutions since the pre-production, beta versions of hardware were made available by Oculus.

The PYXIS platform exploits our powerful location engine to automatically plot information in both 2D and 3D environments. Users can access information quickly and easily through 2D drawings and 3D models over desktop, mobile and web applications. PYXIS is also fully integrated into our virtual reality environments allowing users to explore data with unrivalled contextual understanding.

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