Making Our Mark in Marine Warranty Surveying (MWS)

It’s said scientists know more about the surface of the moon than the deepest depths of the ocean. Oil and gas operators, renewables companies and the supply chain are all seeking certainty in an uncertain world.

Seeking certainty in an uncertain world

This year heralds a new service line for Marine Technical Limits (MTL) with the provision of Marine Warranty Surveying (MWS) services for the FPSO and subsea communities. Many may believe it’s a simple task to become a trusted MWS provider. Having been involved in some of the most complex and exciting MWS projects in the North Sea and globally over the last ten years – trust me, it’s not. Planning cannot be standardised, packaged up and sold. You can’t provide seamless counsel and assurances in the turbulent conditions of the sea with a glossy brochure. It must come from careful and individual assessments of current conditions. At MTL we know we have the vital ingredients and experience to succeed:
  • The very best people with a formidable MWS track record.
  • Seamless management systems.
  • A deep understanding of the sector and requirements.
MTL as a whole may not have a history in the MWS sector with the assured (operators) and the insurance market (underwriters and brokers) but our individual people absolutely do and so I know venturing into this field will be a challenge but is one hundred percent achievable. In my experience operators want an MWS provider that can truly add value, with personnel they trust who can ultimately deliver the service they demand. At MTL we understand the importance of building that trust and rapport with our clients. We believe in our service offerings, striving for best in class, and open lines of communication with our clients to ensure they are satisfied throughout. We don’t rest on our laurels or rely on a name alone. We know we are only as good as the last project we deliver and are passionate about high-quality services which minimise project risk. MTL is solely focussed on our specialist area, FPSOs and subsea developments. But we don’t see this as a limitation or an opportunity lost, rather a chance to focus on quality and technical areas we know like the back of our hand. It’s not about wracking up a high volume of contracts but instead offering unrivalled service to our customers and allowing ourselves to serve our projects to the best of our abilities. It’s an exciting time for the company as we venture together into this new area. We have confidence in our approach and our experienced team look forward to pursuing new business and adding value for our customers in MWS projects globally.