End2End Service – The Way of Working

In the current economic climate, and with a reduction in the price of oil, the energy sector is having to consider how it works with third party organisations. More efficiency, cost effectiveness and lean work scopes will be the new way of working. Luckily for our clients we have been innovating, thinking differently and driving efficient and cost-effective commercial models for more than 15 years.

One of our most successful commercial models is the End2End service we offer our clients. It has exceptional benefits for our clients some of which include; significant safety improvements, efficiency and a reduction in overall project costs.

Prior to mobilisation, it’s essential to perform pre-mobilisation briefing and supplementary training with the execution team. Delivered in-house, and often working with our clients incumbent tradespersons (inspection and/or hotwork personnel), we assess the scopes and perform a briefing with the team who will ultimately mobilise to execute the scopes, along with any training we feel necessary to ensure our multi-skilled approach can be achieved.

In a typical End2End tank entry for inspection, repair or maintenance workscopes, our qualified MJI10 technicians are certified to apply tank isolations both externally and upon initial tank entry, in accordance with the clients’ isolation procedures. Once the tank hatches have been opened, our team will ventilate and prepare the tank for entry using our industry leading Safe System of Work equipment.

Either prior to the tank entry (performed remotely) or during initial entry using breathing apparatus (BA), our OPITO Level 3 authorised gas testers (AGT) will perform gas testing of the tank atmosphere. Once it’s safe to enter, the team will install lighting and ventilation ducting to the tank, followed by a rescue exercise, to ensure the rescue plan is suitable and achievable.

Depending on the key deliverable from the tank entry be it inspection, maintenance, hotworks, and/or coating repairs – our team can facilitate the appropriate level of tank cleaning operations. Utilising our pool of multi-skilled personnel, which offers the client a reduction in the number of crew changes needed to achieve the full scope of works, we can perform tank cleaning operations specifically tailored to the needs of the project.

As an example, if the key deliverable is a general visual inspection of the tank internals, our experts will assess the tank cleanliness, working with the multi-skilled rope access inspection team to understand the minimum acceptance criteria of cleaning to allow the inspections to proceed. This ensures that tank cleaning is focussed on where it’s needed most, and to the necessary levels to achieve the inspection scope, by the team who will ultimately be performing the inspection. The same process would apply for tank maintenance scopes, hot-works or coating reinstatement campaigns.

Once the tank is suitably cleaned, the core workscope can be progressed. As specialists in the integrity management and repair of FPSOs, and with our significant experience and expertise, we are known for our ability to think differently and find the right solutions for our clients’ specific needs.

Should coating reinstatement be necessary following tank inspections (due to paint removal for inspection purposes), coating failure or following hotwork repairs, our multi-skilled team are competent to prepare the surfaces and apply the coating in accordance with the coating manufacturers recommendations, and aligned with industry best practice.

Upon completion of the project our team can remove any internal and external isolations, close hatches, and hand back to the area authority before inerting and/or loading operations can resume.

The key benefits our End2End service offers our clients are;

  • A reduction in POB and crew changeover.
  • A single team familiar with working in confined spaces on producing FPSOs significantly reducing the risks associated with this hazardous work.
  • Elimination of the typical phased approach to tank workscope delivery by multiple contractors.
  • In-tank workscopes assessed and implemented on an “as-needed” basis – often reducing overall project schedule.
  • Strategic and well-planned safety operations.
  • Execution using our industry leading Safe System of Work (SSOW).
  • A single source for equipment rental throughout.
  • Self-rescuing team, where appropriate, reducing the risk to additional personnel.
  • Reduction in the “total cost of ownership” for delivery of End2End projects.

Our End2End service is not only unique, but also time-tested; we have been doing it consistently for many, many years. Our multi-skilled team of experts are qualified, experienced and capable of successfully delivering End2End workscopes.

So, when it comes to a new way of working, thinking differently and utilising a cost effective, efficient and lean team – MTL’s End2End service is not a new way of working, it is THE way of working.