Equipment Solutions

Equipment Solutions for Safe Tank Working

We design and manufacture equipment solutions for safe tank working specifically to support efficient tank inspections and repairs. Our equipment solutions for safe tank working enable this work to be carried out whilst on-station and in production.
We have over 15 years experience in managing confined space entry. Our equipment gives confidence that safety is being managed to a superior standard. In addition they maximise the efficiency and quality of on-station inspections and repairs.

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Ventilation and power distribution

The Safe System of Work (SSOW) is aptly named. It is a fully integrated ventilation and power distribution system with inbuilt fire and gas detection, dampers and automatic shutdown. This executive automatic shutdown makes the system safer, as it does not rely on communication or human action.

MTL’s SSOW can be set up in bespoke configurations to meet your project needs. This equipment can be deployed and operated in either Zone 1 or Zone 2 areas and supports the full range of inspection and repair activities on all sizes of FPSO or FSU. The SSOW enhances both small repair scopes and extensive renewal projects, with capacity to provide ventilation supplies up to 108,000 m3/hr and power supply for up to 12 hotwork sites in a tank or space. In all equipment configurations, the ventilation and hotwork power supplies are automatically shutdown if an unsafe condition occurs.

The logic conditions, equipment status and alarms produced by the Safe System of Work can be relayed to the installation Central Control Room (CCR) via Wifi or wired ethernet.

Efficient tank cleaning

Cleaning a tank space prior to inspection or repair can present a significant challenge. MTL can support you to select the most appropriate solutions and deliver efficient tank cleaning.

The extent of cleaning required prior to executing an inspection or repair scope will vary depending on the condition of the space and the nature of the work to be carried out. MTL are experienced in defining cleaning requirements appropriately. Where necessary we can project manage and oversee bulk demucking, hotwashing and pumping of residual fluids in tank spaces.

As part of our range of equipment solutions for safe tank working, we hold hotwashing and pumping kit in stock. This equipment enables us to offer a turn key service, using our multi-skilled team to conduct tank cleaning prior to inspection or repair. We also have a thorough understanding of how to run bulk demucking scopes safely and efficiently.

Access solutions

Tank repair and inspection scope often require some work at height. Our equipment solutions for safe tank working include a range of access solutions.

The selection of the most suitable access method for executing repairs at height is dependent on the quantity of work to be carried out, the resource pool available and the nature of the tasks. Whilst it may be suitable to carry out some tasks using only rope access, more difficult scopes are made more efficient if stable work platforms can be provided. MTL have developed work platform designs in steel, GRP and using scaffold for a wide range of tank workscopes with great success.

Confined space personnel monitoring

Personnel monitoring during tank work is resource intensive, traditionally requiring an additional person in the control room. MTL have developed a solution to replace this person, freeing up a bed space and maximising productivity during a repair.

Our tank entry system is an electronically relayed T-card system, with a remote display screen in the CCR. At the tank entrance there is a simple entry switchboard system which also provides a local display of who is inside the confined space. This entry board contains a PLC which relays the entry status signals to the CCR using WiFi or ethernet cable.

Each time a switch is moved on the entry board, it is automatically relayed to the display board which shows who is in the tank and tallies the head count. The display board has battery backup so that in the event of power failure, the last screen shot is still displayed. The system can also be adapted to operate using swipe cards or proximity tokens.

Safe hotwork during production

To execute tank repair scopes safely, it is crucial to have the right equipment in the right place at the right time. We have completed numerous successful repair scopes and used this experience to refine our selection of hotwork equipment. All equipment used by MTL has been selected to enhance safety or overcome the challenges of working in confined spaces.

For MTL managed repair projects, MTL supply all the necessary equipment to execute the works offshore. Our hotwork kit includes: welding and cutting plant, hand tools, construction aids, rigging equipment, welding consumables, welding gas, compressed air distribution, power distribution and extension cables. We also carry a stock of Classification Society approved ship repair plate in a range of sizes to suit the most likely urgent repair scopes.

Coating repairs on-station

When carrying out coating repairs MTL strive to ensure that the best quality repair is achieved. Every effort is taken to ensure that the surface is prepared to a high standard to ensure that coating repairs adhere properly and last. Our dehumidification system enables us to achieve the optimum environment for carrying out coating repairs while on station.