Integrity Management

Targeted and efficient integrity management

Marine Technical Limits (MTL) develops targeted and efficient integrity management strategies designed to reinforce safe operating conditions, support production demands and optimise the lifespan of an asset. We are also at the forefront of developments in the digitisation of risk based integrity management processes.​ By engaging with us, you will have an achievable, focussed plan which gives assurance of the integrity of your asset. With a better understanding of the condition of the vessel, you will be better placed to maximise economic recovery and extend the lifespan of your FPSO.

We are solely focussed on our specialist area of FPSOs and subsea developments, and can offer a complete turnkey service to meet structural integrity management requirements. With extensive experience in our field we are perfectly placed to develop, adapt and implement bespoke integrity management strategies to provide whole-life integrity support.

If you’d like to know more about our services please contact us or head to our PYXIS page to read about our latest developments in the digitalisation of risk based integrity management,  enabling our clients to make data driven decisions.

Risk-based strategies

MTL uses risk-based strategies to determine potential failure locations and inspection frequencies allowing our clients to manage and extend the life of their vessel. We can quickly and efficiently gather and manage qualitative and quantitative data, through our unique integrity management system PYXIS, which allows us to develop detailed plans.

Integrity management system

Over many years, we have developed and refined robust processes, procedures and systems to meet the challenge of managing FPSO hull integrity data. For years these processes have helped operators to overcome these difficulties and they have become the foundations for PYXIS, as we lead the digital transformation in our field.

Ageing and life extension

MTL is highly experienced in executing surveys and undertaking condition evaluations of hull structures then using the information gathered to conduct studies into potential life extension strategies. These surveys and studies, and the subsequent strategies and recommendations are essential to meet regulatory requirements and invaluable in extending the lifespan of an asset in a cost effective and safe manner.

Smart workbooks

We have successfully introduced the use of Smart Workbooks in place of the traditional paper approach. Our Smart Workbooks retain and improve on key features and benefits providing simple, intuitive guides to enable inspectors to deliver high quality, efficient inspection reporting. They also enable near real-time reporting and allow for dynamic inspection management.

Anomaly assessment

Our team of qualified and experienced naval architects and marine engineers efficiently and accurately analyse reports and anomaly findings to determine their nature and criticality to create an efficient repair plan that is cost effective to your company. This is done using our unique integrity management system PYXIS.


PYXIS is our industry leading in-house integrity management system that underpins each and every one of our services. For many years, managing the data for an FPSO has been difficult and confusing with the added risk of human error and duplication. Digitalistion can resolve this challenge and we are leading the transformation with the development of PYXIS. This unique software was developed by MTL in-house and is a powerful and effective tool that organises and manages critical data on a simple dashboard to interpret it into digestible, easy to understand information at a glance.