Risk Based Integrity Strategy Contracts

Marine Technical Limits has won contracts to develop Risk-Based Integrity (RBI) strategies for three different production assets, each operated by different clients.

The projects will see MTL’s team working closely with each operator to develop tailored integrity plans delivering reassurance and certainty. Our specialists will give confidence to the operators’ teams supporting the hull structural integrity, while fulfilling the requirements of the regulators and respective classification societies.

RBI strategies for different production assets

Risk-Based Integrity (RBI) approaches enable operators to assess the risk and degradation mechanisms associated with different areas and components within the hull structure, and tailor the inspection strategy according to a defined level of acceptable risk.

This approach allows the operator to ensure the integrity strategy is focussed and tailored to their vessel, with the aim of optimising their inspection plan.

We look forward to working with each of our clients, utilising the extensive experience we have providing hull structural management services.

Marine Technical Limits Team