Marine Technical Limits Introduces Hybrid-Working

In 2020 the way we work changed forever.  The impact of Covid-19 was devastating, and individuals and organisations were expected to be agile, flexible, and adaptable without preparation or warning.  

At the beginning of the pandemic Marine Technical Limits was in a strong position due to previous investment in systems and structures which are secure but allow our teams to access the right information at any time. These include: Microsoft Teams, Office 365, reliable VPN to on-premise storage, and cloud storage/back up. 

Further to this our own proprietary software, PYXIS and PYXIS Lightship, and our in-house Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software are accessible anywhere in the world, across multiple devices. During the pandemic we extended our remote capabilities with Power Apps and Power BI reports embedded into teams and process automation. 

As a result of this way of working our teams have continued to work through the global crisis, with no downtime and very little, if any drop in productivity. That’s why our management team have made the decision to introduce ‘hybrid-working’ while others are asking employees to return to the office.  

Hybrid-working is the concept that employees will split their time between the office and working remotely. There is a requirement for employees to ensure the MTL management teams knows where they are working from and there is a responsibility to attend the office as and when required to do so. However, there is no obligation to return to the office full-time.  

This agile way of working means not only do employees have ‘the best of both worlds’ but it is proven that hybrid-working increases productivity, improves job satisfaction and wellbeing, and cultivates better collaboration between employees and clients.  

MTL is a dynamic and responsive organisation which has been able to adapt quickly to changing demands from industry, clients, and the global pandemic. Having flexibility and diversity in our operations, our workforce and our working arrangements allows us to make quick decisions helping MTL weather any storm.