Marine Technical Limits Continues to Support the Next Generation

For more than 10 years Marine Technical Limits (MTL) has been offering paid summer placements to up and coming talent.  

The FPSO and Marine structures specialists have given 21 engineering students, studying naval architecture and marine or mechanical engineering, practical training, and work posts throughout the summer holidays for a decade now.  

Typically, the students have hailed from Scotland and Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada – where the organisation has close ties with clients – and several of the students have been offered further positions once they have completed their degrees.  

First Hand Experience

Lead Naval Architect Ian Stewart, said: “The opportunity given to the students we employ is first-hand experience of working in a busy and successful organisation. Not only that, but they will also be given specialist training and will experience how our experts work with clients to solve tricky and challenging problems.  

“At MTL we are industry leaders working in the maintenance and repair management for FPSOs and marine structures. However, unlike a lot of companies in our sector we have in-house naval architects and engineers who understand the intricacies of vessels and the industry, so our students will have direct access to oil and gas industry experts who have practical experience and knowledge.  

“They will also have direct access to our software developers. MTL has spent more than 15 years developing industry leading software, PYXIS, which supports clients to make risk-based decisions while managing and maintaining their vessels’ integrity.” 

Ship Structures

This year the organisation employed Antoni Fiedoruk and Mia Gaudet. Antoni, 22, is a 3rd year Naval Architecture student from Strathclyde University in Glasgow. He said: “MTL’s summer internship stood out to me immediately. Ship structures topics are the part of my studies that I enjoy the most, so I naturally wanted to broaden my knowledge and gain experience from professionals. The wide scope of training, innovative approach and friendly atmosphere will certainly make my summer placement at MTL a fun and valuable experience.”  

Mia, 21, is a 4th year student in Ocean and Naval Architectural Engineering from Memorial University Newfoundland, Canada. She said: “I attribute my fascination with the marine industry to my home province of Newfoundland and Labrador.  

“Newfoundland and Labrador has always been a maritime hub, whether that be through our fishing or oil and gas industries. Us Newfoundlanders are very proud of our fish, and in the late 60s, my grandfather commissioned a Sports Fishing boat. Almost 60 years later, my family and I still explore Newfoundland’s unique shorelines on that very same boat. With such influences, studying Naval Architecture was only natural. The Ocean and Naval Architectural Engineering program at MUN is rated one of the top undergraduate programs of its kind in North America and is the only engineering school in the world to offer ONAE as a co-operative education program. Through the CO-OP program, students are given up to 6 semesters to gain work experience in their chosen field. 

“I wanted to work with MTL for many reasons. Their well-established reputation in the marine industry was undeniable, and I wanted to learn from people so passionate about Naval Architecture. Besides their reputation, I appreciated that MTL places a high priority on education, regularly offering training sessions.”  

Enthusiastic and Knowledgable

Ian added: “Antoni and Mia are great additions to our team. They are enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and willing to learn. They have already attended several training sessions with MTL and by the time their placement is over they will have gained significant knowledge and practical experience which will help them in their future careers.”