FPSO Tank Work – One Team for Success

For the previous 15 years, Marine Technical Limits has managed teams of 3 to 30 people working inside the hull spaces, cargo tanks and ballast tanks of producing FPSO’s and FSU’s. Without exception there is always a pressure to do the work more quickly and with less personnel than is planned; and all whilst still doing the work safely. Current POB limitations and reduced flight frequencies due to Coronavirus, adds more emphasis to that challenge.

We have repeatedly delivered successful scopes under these constraints. This is based on taking a “one tank team” approach rather than a “tag team” approach. Traditional contracting means using a sequence of specialist contractors to achieve the full FPSO tank turnaround, i.e isolations, cleaning, inspection, repair, equipment maintenance, painting, de-isolation. When each of these scopes are perhaps only a few days or less than a full offshore trip, it becomes very difficult to schedule the contractor changes to fit with available flights. More changes of personnel means much more supporting logistics, inductions, familiarisation and loss of continuity of safety leadership. Overall, the tag-team will always result in additional non-productive time and schedule extension.

Continuity: Delivers Safety and Efficiency

The “One Tank Team” approach involves forming a multi-discipline team, often from more than one company. This team is led by an experienced MTL tank work supervisor. The supervisor provides the overall coordination and safety leadership whilst the team members bring their specialist skills when required. When not using their specialist skills, team members support the other trades/disciplines with the sole objective of getting the work done safely and efficiently. The composition of the tank team may change throughout longer campaigns, but there is no break in continuity or opportunity for one contractor blaming another.

FPSO and FSU operators who want to achieve more tank work in a given time with less POB should take advantage of MTL’s experience. In doing so it is possible to build a plan for success to avoid underachievement and/or schedule extension.