People Development: The Transatlantic Connection

January delivered some good news at Marine Technical Limits (MTL). We were delighted to announce that Caitlin Whitten has secured an extended Skilled Work visa. This enables her to continue to work for MTL as a member of our team of Naval Architects.

Integrity Management Focus

Caitlin found her passion for FPSOs and structural integrity while completing her studies at Memorial University of Newfoundland (MUN), Canada. Caitlin said: “I had a great interest in inspection and structural integrity. I worked with Class societies during my studies and so I knew the kind of work I wanted to explore. As industry leaders in FPSO integrity management, the opportunity to join MTL, and work abroad, felt like a good fit.”

Caitlin joined MTL at the beginning of 2019. She settled in well and has become a valued member of the naval architect’s team, building her skills across a range of projects. These include support to inspection campaigns, risk-based integrity management and repair projects. She added: “I’ve also been lucky enough to gain offshore work experience. I was born and raised on wharfs and in fishing boats, so I love any opportunity to get back on the ocean.”

Long Term Role

For MTL, Caitlin’s performance and positive contribution to the company has meant we had no hesitation in offering a long term position. With the upheaval of 2020 and the end of her original visa drawing near, it was potentially a challenging time to make big decisions about her career. However, the decision was perhaps easier than expected: “MTL has offered me the perfect blend of new experiences and a taste of home that I don’t think I’d be able to get every day at another company. The teams’ support for working from home during the pandemic has also enabled me to balance work and family commitments, so the decision to stay was easy.”

For a small company, based in the UK, it is a significant commitment to hire someone from outside the EU. It brings administrative challenges and additional cost, but in this instance, it also presented a great opportunity to build on our close ties with Canada. Specifically, St. John’s, NL, where we have been supporting FPSO operators for over 15 years. Delivering specialist integrity management and on-station repair services to the region, we appreciate our responsibility to share our knowledge and support local development.

We are delighted that Caitlin is now able to continue her professional development and career with MTL.