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Marine Technical Limits Introduces Hybrid-Working

In 2020 the way we work changed forever.  The impact of Covid-19 was devastating, and individuals and organisations were expected to be agile, flexible, and adaptable without preparation or warning.   At the beginning of the pandemic Marine Technical Limits was in a strong position due to previous investment in systems and structures which are secure …

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Safe System of Work on FPSO deck to provide ventilation and power distribution

FPSO Tank Ventilation – Air Change Rate

While building regulations worldwide are quite prescriptive when considering the volume of ventilation required for different spaces, there is a distinct lack of guidance for the ventilation of confined spaces, in terms of air changes per hour or even what constitutes “adequate ventilation.” To a layperson or to a professional in the field this just …

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Spreadsheets Are Not Databases!

Comment by Calum MacLean In recent days the newspapers in the United Kingdom (UK) have been dominated by the story of Public Health England (PHE) and its mishap which saw more than 16,000 coronavirus cases going unreported.  As you can imagine, this was a significant incident which could have impacted the lives of many. However, out-with the potential impact on …

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