Pyxis is a bespoke, in-house, software system which allows our team of specialists to deliver and track our robust, risk based integrity management (RBIM) strategies for the hull structure of FPSOs' and FSUs'.

Asset overview cargo tanksThe system, which was an idea borne out of the need to assess and catalogue vast amounts of inspection data and was developed in-house by MTL’s team of experts, is exclusive to our clients and essential to the services we deliver.

The Pyxis dashboard, which is accessible from any internet connected device, provides our client’s onshore management teams (integrity managers, inspectors, classification surveyors, asset leads etc) with on the spot, simple and easy to interpret visual overviews of the health and status of their vessels’ hull integrity.

The main software system provides a simple graphical integrity index for each tank or structure, which displays whether or not each one is meeting best practice. The information is driven by gathered inspection data and assessments carried out by MTL’s team of experienced Naval Architects. This is further supported by graphical representations of anomaly trends, breakdown of anomaly types, and overdue and upcoming inspection forecasting.

Should a user wish to further interrogate the integrity of their vessel, a full and through history of inspection data and photographic records are just a few clicks away, and presented in an easy to interpret way.

One of the significant benefits of Pyxis is the ability to digitally define inspection workplans to allow tablet based inspection data recording. This means that as an inspection takes place the data is uploaded to the dashboard immediately, allowing our clients to see instant reports. The system, which is supported and managed by our team of experienced Naval Architects, also allows our clients to:

Our team of dedicated experts drive certainty, offer reassurance, minimise risk and deliver best practice across all of our services. Our unrivalled approach to RBIM, which is based on years of knowledge and experience, offers our global clients assurances for safer operations and asset life extension.

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