Integrity Management

Maintaining asset integrity is essential to ensure safe operating conditions to meet productivity demands. A targeted and efficient integrity management plan is the crucial foundation to ensure the operational lifespan of your asset.

MTL offer a complete service to meet the FPSO operator’s structural integrity management requirements. With extensive experience in FPSO structural and marine issues are perfectly placed to develop, adapt and implement bespoke integrity management strategies, providing through-life integrity support.

Qualitative and quantitative assessments, strategy development.

Being able to gather and manage worthwhile data regarding the integrity management of your vessel can be difficult, but MTL’s experience in the field can greatly reduce the pressure and confusion that can be experienced in this area. By using risk based strategies MTL are able to determine potential failure locations and inspection frequencies allowing you to manage and extend the life of your vessel.

Simple, intuitive inspection guides to ensure quality inspection.

Our experienced team can create tailor made inspection workbooks for each tank of your vessel. This allows for quality finding results from inspections and reduces the risk of poor or erroneous inspection reporting as clear routes are defined for inspectors to follow. This is extremely beneficial to minimise the errors in reporting which is invaluable to ensure that timely inspections are carried out.

Experienced naval architects and marine engineers.

InspectionMTL’s in house team of qualified and experienced naval architects and marine engineers efficiently and accurately work through anomaly findings that have been found during offshore inspections. They analyse the reports and determine the type and criticality of the finding to create a repair plan that is cost effective for your company.

Data management, inspection scheduling, assessment.

For many years managing the data for an FPSO has been difficult and confusing with the added risk of human error and duplication. MTL can resolve that issue with our integrity management system called Pyxis. This system is a unique and has been developed and built by our in house development team alongside our naval architect and marine engineering team. Using our in house knowledge and expertise we have been able to develop a powerful and effective tool that organises and manages important data and can show at a glance important and easy to understand data.

Surveys, condition evaluation, studies, strategies.

We are highly experienced in carrying out vessel surveys, to gain a better understanding of the condition of your vessel and use the information to determine the best route for future inspections that can extend the integrity of the asset while being cost effective. There are various surveys that can be carried out and can help to meet class and regulatory requirements, minimising the pressure of ensuring these requirements are met.