Inspection Leadership

MTL have a track record of successfully planning and executing focused inspection campaigns. We have the knowledge to develop effective inspection plans and our experience of in-tank working enables efficient and safe execution, minimising the impact on operations. MTL leadership and technical expertise will improve the quality of reporting and ensure that useful inspection data is gathered.

Planning, logistics, engineering, training.

MTL can manage your inspection scope from start to finish, providing appropriate planning, technical, logistics and training support throughout. This meticulous planning and preparation enables MTL to deliver exceptional performance compared to industry norms for tank inspection. Our whole scope approach encompasses everything required for the project and reduces pressure on the client knowing that we have everything in hand.

24-7 support, technical expertise

When our offshore team are carrying out a repair project or survey, they are able to rely on round the clock technical support from our onshore team who are on-hand to provide support with any issues encountered during execution. Having this 24-7 technical support means that any queries are addressed quickly and accurately, avoiding delays to the project.

Multi-skilled teams, self-sufficient, whole scope.

We take a multi-skilled approach, ensuring that our team has the capabilities to execute the whole scope from isolations, tank setup, initial entry, inspection and maintenance tasks to de-isolation. We aim to be self-sufficient, requiring minimum input from the asset operations team.

inspection 2015

Power, ventilation

When leading inspection scopes, MTL use our Safe System of Work to provide ventilation, power and lighting within the tank space. This equipment is specifically designed to deliver the right conditions for safe and efficient in-tank working and can be configured for any size or type of tank space/void.

Read more in our dehumidification case study.

Tank Entry Equipment

As tank entry activities are not routine operations for FPSO operators, MTL have found that it is helpful that we can provide complete sets of equipment to support these activities. The tank entry equipment we typically provide to support our projects includes: radios, gas detectors, ducting, flashlights, rescue stretcher, rescue dummy, cleaning equipment, entry logging equipment, linkable ATEX lighting, battery backed ATEX lighting, ATEX floodlighting, residue pump and hoses, pumping break tank, compressed air hoses and distribution.

Safety leadership, technical expertise (naval architects), coordination.

The MTL supervisor acts as the main focal point during the scope and is accountable for the safe an efficient execution of the scope. They will take responsibility for liaising with the operations team and MTL’s onshore support team to ensure high quality inspection information is delivered on time.

Risk assessments, procedures, SIMOPS, ongoing evaluation, rescue plans.

Safety is integral to everything we do at MTL and we strive to build safety into every area of our work. Before any work is carried out risk assessments, checklists and rescue plans are completed to highlight any areas where safety problems may arise and to provide the inspection team with the information and tools they require to execute the work safely. Throughout execution of the scope, the worksite area is continually monitored to ensure that hazards are controlled. Daily and weekly checks are carried out to ensure that all the control measures identified on the risk assessments are still in place and remain effective.