MTL’s success is in large part due to our team of professional, responsible and reliable engineering, technical and administrative personnel. Our future success as a company will be built upon maintaining, developing and building the capabilities and capacity of our team.

Sorry, we do not have any vacancies at present.

We want MTL to be a great place to work and the environment we provide for our employees is really important to us. While people will have specific roles within the company, our projects vary greatly and many require cross-discipline teams to work together to engineer solutions and ensure successful delivery.

MTL recognise that we have an important role to play in developing the skills and competencies that will be required in the future. We have developed good relationships with academic institutions and we offer summer work placements to students at varying stages of their academic studies. This scheme has been running for the past five years and has ultimately led to the very successful expansion of our team of Naval Architects.

Employer award finalist

A company’s best asset is its people. This category recognises the firm that best demonstrates its commitment to its people and dedication to creating a standout company culture. It’s open to companies of all shapes and sizes.